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I used to shoot target archery for well over 20 years. Two state championships, a few 3rds and 4ths. Won first flight of the Great Lakes Sectional. Took 17th at the nationals (was 7th after the first day but mis-set my sight on an 80 yard walkup). Shot 41 perfect 300's (avg 55 x's) one winter and shot pro for Bear archery one year (only won one money shoot). Taught 3 state champions.

#1 get that bow tuned with a good arrow rest. Shoot through paper to get a round hole.

#2 learn how to shoot with back tension (not arms) and squeezing the release trigger if you use one. Relaxed hands a must.

#3 Practice practice practice practice and then practice some more. I see too many wounded deer running around with arrows stuck in their butt.
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