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Minimum 20 extra years for use of a firearm in a crime.
Minimum 20 years for illegally selling a firearm to a criminal.

We need to be careful with blanket regulations like that.

For example, if I'm wrongly accused of shoplifting and happen to be carrying at the time, that could be a real problem for me.
***Accused is not convicted. personally I'd be fine with the death penalty for using a fiream in the commission of a crime. If there is the will then anything can be achieved.

What if I sell a gun privately to someone who gives no indication of being a criminal? Do I deserve to spend a significant portion of my life in prison?
***If you don't take the proper precautions and break the law, you betcha.

It's well-meaning on the surface, but in practice, it has the potential to be very problematic. This is how things like the Lautenberg amendment create so many problems.
Again, if you want to actually stop something, you have to properly punish and reward. You want to drop gun crime significantly, you literally drop the hammer on gun crime.
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