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Magnums? I did not know that. If that is all they have in stock, I will give it a try.

I have not used the chrony on any of my loads yet. Need to get to the outdoor range for that. Been staying to the low loading limits on everything, except for my Accurate #2 loads, which started off light (3.0 gr) and I increased after testing out the previous loads. Up to 4.5 gr on this last batch of 50 and hoping to get to the range for testing today or tomorrow. I'm thinking that is going to be about as hot as I want to go. Truthfully, I like the low recoil from the light loads although the 3.0 loads were too light and 3.5 was a joy to shoot for 10-15 yards!! Ramble over..

Thanks again, looks like this forum will help me out a lot. Hope to help when I can, but really need more experience before that happens!
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