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Yea what he said!! We do tend to be very opinionated 'bout our "stuff" For me, I really like the Montec G5. What got me started on those was several friends of mine used them to bag a few elk. After shooting them, their report was that they could have used them om another right away; no nicks and sharp as ever.
For sights, I shoot a single pin adjustable sight made by HHA. I also do not like a bunch of pins, and since I am addicted to shooting rather long distances, a single pin makes more sense than stacking 7 pins! I enjoy shooting far because after shooting quite a bit at 80 yards, 40 seems like you can reach out and touch your target Plus it gives me a good feeling to shoot a 4-6 inch group at 80!
When I archery hunt, I hunt in stands exclusively. I like the way it lets me see more deer. I use a climber, and like to be 25+ feet up. One thing to keep in mind if you are this high, you might want to aim slightly high if a deer is close. My brother shot a buck this year; he was 25 ft up and the deer was 15 yards out. He forgot to hold a bit high, and made a poor shot. Took 6 + hours to find that deer
Last of all, shooting a bow is like a lot of other things! What sets the great apart from the average, is 10,000 hrs of practice! I enjoy the practice almost as much as the hunt!
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