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whats your most common problem with new shooters?

I was talkking in a new threat and one of the posters sent me to a site that had a list of common problems. That got ,me to thinking- I do have a list of common problems with shooters. My experienced guys it isn't so much a fundamentals thing but a technique thing that needs to be modified for the task at hand.

The new people (my absolute favorite to teach) pretty much have the same problems in this order of frequency:

1. Jerking / staging the trigger
2. Staying up too long on a shot and snatching the trigger
3. Gripping too hard with their firing hand
4. Not concentrating on their front site.
5 No 2nd Site Picture / recovery
6. Sight alignment (sight too high or too low in rear sight)
7. trigger position

and one of my pet peeves - bad attitude that has them beat up on themselves for missing and letting it affect the accuracy of their subsequent shots. ( I know an an extremely excellent gunfighter that i can always beat as long as he misses early in the game because his mind goes to mush once he misses)

anyone out their really different?
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