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I generally choose my carry guns so that corrosion concerns are minimized. Stainless and polymer are your friends in this regard, although there are other finishes that are also equally corrosion resistant to stainless, or even superior.

I use BreakFree CLP for general purpose wipedown and light lube when corrosion protection is desired and smell isn't an issue. For applications where I don't want to smell like gun oil, something like Dillon Snake Oil or Lubriplate FMO-350AW works well with the Lubriplate probably having an advantage in terms of corrosion protection and the Snake Oil a possible advantage in terms of lubrication.

I used Dillon Snake Oil to lubricate a grandfather clock that stopped and would not restart some 9 years ago. After judiciously dripping the oil into the works, I was able to get it restarted and it has kept running continuously since that point without further attention.

For applications where no lubrication is required, MP5 metalophilic oil does a great job of corrosion protection. It has a smell, but the smell is neither strong, nor is it reminiscent of the typical gun oil smell.

For applications where lubrication is the primary concern, I use a light grease made from mixing very fine molybdenum disulfide powder with a good quality gun oil like Dillon Snake Oil or BreakFree CLP. A very tiny dab, or a light smear is adequate, and when the oil migrates out of the mix or dries/evaporates, the moly remains in place and is an excellent steel-to-steel dry lubricant. That means there's no need to reapply lubricant on a regular basis.
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