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Shootings like this will continue to rise as long as the economy is bad and people are unsure about the future. Still the chances that you will be involved in one is less likely then getting stuck by lightening.

I read on here from someone "know your carry gun like your tongue knows your teeth". I found this to be very accurate and succinct advice. I don't recall who said it but credit to them or whoever they took it from.

You never know what will go down in a situation but you can know what you are capable of. Training gives us the knowledge and confidence to push ourselves to the limits of our capabilities. Also take your physical and mental health very seriously as the heart attack and stroke will kill most of us so don't let it take you to soon.

Even more importantly pass on your knowledge to your kids and grand kids. Neighbor kids with parental permission. I think we all share the feeling that they will need it.
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