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are there any sensible gun regulations you would support?
Yes. Yes there is. I would pass a federal request that each state enable a type of local "civil militia." I use militia loosely because I'm not talking about citizens who are to be called up to fight a war. I'm talking about local and state governments accepting volunteers to pass a thorough background check. Then the state or local LEO agency provides free training. Then the "civil militiaman" has not only the right, but the responsibility to carry a firearm with him at all times. No arrest powers, only the expectation to use force to protect the lives of others. Everyone else will be allowed CCW permits, but whatever restriction the state wants to apply is fine. Local governments and schools will be required to certify or hire a certain percentage of "militiamen" (or women), much like firearm competent affirmative action. These members will be required to attend annual (or semi-annual) training, provided free of charge by the local LEO agency. This is my version of gun control that I want to see.
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