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I want to make one comment about your post. You suggested a NICS check on all sales at gun shows. I'm in agreement. I don't see why that venue is any different from purchasing from an FFL. Same check for the same transaction...sounds fine to me. I also like your other suggestions as well.

But I do want to comment on no checks whatsoever on FTF transactions. When I sell a handgun in my state of Kentucky, I ask to see the buyer's KY drivers license to make sure I can legally sell the gun to them. I also have a bill of sale that has a statement the buyer reads and signs that states that they have assured me they are legally able to purchase the gun. In addition, I write down a driver's license number or their CCW license number on my copy of the bill of sale. I assure them that the document will never see the light of day unless a member of law enforcement knocks on my door asking about a gun that used to belong to me that was used in a crime. I tell them I do these things to do my best to keep guns out of hands that are legally not able to own them. So far, NO ONE I've sold to has found that unreasonable.

I do these things because I am a responsible gun owner who wants to do what I can to make certain my gun does not fall into the hands of someone who, by law, is not supposed to have it. Since I live within a few miles of Tennessee, you don't know how many times I've had people try to talk me into an interstate FTF deal without involving an FFL. I always remind them it's a felony and I do not intend to go to prison or lose my right to own firearms. In EVERY case, the TN resident has been unwilling to comply and has hung up. I've also had women calling me asking me questions about the gun I have for sale with the man whispering questions in the background. I've never sold to any of those persons.

I bring these stories up to illustrate that FTF sales, although many here will say is their right, puts guns into the hands of some people who legally can't, and probably shouldn't own them. I'm sure many will condemn my conditions of sale and say they wouldn't buy from me, but guess what, it's my gun and I'll do as I please with it. And I will do my best to never sell it to someone I think may use it for nefarious purposes.

To sum up, it would be nice if all guns sales would go through the NICS check. Yeah, it would add a few dollars to each transaction. But I have one friend who's an FFL who transfers every gun for $10 and another local FFL who will do it for a "big bag of dog food" (his words exactly), which he then donates to the local animal shelter. If a transfer was required, trust me, those who charged exorbitant fees would find themselves doing no transfers and would soon adjust their fees downward.

I am disappointed by most of what I've read on the few gun forums I frequent regarding solutions to some of the tragedies we've experienced lately. I am in total agreement that gun control won't keep criminals from obtaining and using guns. But I do not agree that just because that statement is true, we should absolve ourselves from trying to provide positive suggestions to help alleviate the problem. To do so seems uncaring, irresponsible, and certainly paints a bad picture of gun right advocates in the public's eyes. And right now, that's exactly what they're wanting to see.

I have guns and I want to keep my guns to be able to protect myself, my family, and those I may be around if the next criminal or lunatic opens fire. But I am also willing to jump through a few more hoops if it might make our society a little safer.

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