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Originally Posted by Gerry
There is no correlation between Brady rankings and homicides caused by firearms.
Don't fall into the terminology trap. You have two serious errors in that one simple sentence.

First, the firearms don't "cause" homicides. The firearm may be the tool, just as an axe or a hammer or a knife or an automobile may be the tool, but the firearms are not the cause. The cause is the person who aims the firearm and pulls the trigger.

Second, don't allow "them" to inflate their statistics. "Homicide" means the killing of a human being. Statistics on "homicides" with firearms include all homicides using firearms. In addition to "murders," this also includes suicides, lawful shootings by police officers where the result is the death of the perpetrator, and lawful self defense with a firearm where the result is the death of the perpetrator.

Don't say (or write) "homicide" when/where the concern is "murder."
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