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extra extra full choke

hello all,
this spring I bought a shotgun so that I could finally go turkey hunting without having to borrow one or resort to taking my father's very nice Citori out. a LGS had a used like new(never fired) mossberg 535 with pistol grip and M4 stock(of which I was not a fan) and realtree camo dip for only $275 after taxes so I figured I'd get it. now I utterly love that gun but I am having a bit of a dilemma with it. it came with an XXfull choke which is amazing if I'm shooting at anything near 25 yards but the spread is so tight that it offers little margin for error(25 yard spread is only about 8 inches wide). I missed my only real shot at a turkey this spring because the sights were off and I was aiming for a head shot.

I am primarily a rifle hunter and like the idea of accuracy but I find myself wondering if there is such a thing as too accurate when it comes to shotguns. should I keep the XXfull choke or should I get a standard full?
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