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Originally Posted by Chowder
Rodfac and stu, those are some VERY beautiful rifles. I may have to get myself and older 336 some day. I have a 2008 manufactured 1894 and am in love with it but those rifles have a personality all there own.
Thanks for the compliment. Rofac's rifle definitely has nicer wood than mine but I really like the rifle. After I filled my buck tag this year with my father's deer rifle I started carrying the 336 to fill the doe tags with. Never got the opportunity to shoot one but the rifle carries like a dream. I know there's people that feel the lack of a crossbolt safety makes the rifle a bit slower to bring into action, but if I carry the rifle at the ready I find my thumb rests on the hammer, thumbing that hammer back as I bring the rifle to my shoulder is effortless. Nope it's definitely not a hindrance for me. Just something you need to practice a bit.

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