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44 AMP,
I was thinking the very same thing and having disassembled the 1898 I bought for a grandson, I did struggle with the extractor. Of course I wasn't confident in what I was doing so as soon as the good Captain posted his explanation I dug the old Springfield out of the gun safe and took it apart. Well the reassembly didn't go as smooth as it sounded and I then Googled a YouTube and its even easier than Cap said.
I give the 1898 a full 10 for fondle factor! After a couple dozen removal- disassembly and all I am more impressed with the design and wonderful workmanship of this splendid rifle.

I took the Krag back out today and struggled with bolt removal again today.
I re-read Cpt. Stuart's instructions and re-played the video link and removing this bolt is not that easy! I just cannot lift this extractor as easy as is shown!
I do now have a very easy way of doing this that can be done easily in the field for a quick bore check.
I am right handed,
With the barrel under my right arm and right hand under receiver, bolt fully open in detent, right thumb in action pressing up under extractor. Left hand on grip, left index hooked around cocking piece and left thumb lightly pushing bolt to the left. With enough pressure up on extractor which is a lot with this rifle and the bolt is out.
Now I will do it about a hundred more times and the next legion meeting I am going to be practicing on every one of them.
I have my 19 year old grandson removing the bolt but he is also unable to remove it as shown in the video. (this rifle belongs to his younger brother). But he is kind of in love with it too!
We have a few of them locked up in the safe at the Legion Quarters and for many years they were available to members to sign out during Deer Season. Today we use the 1898's in our unit Color Gauard.
Now I do intend on getting a historical book for this rifle, but what is the intended purpose of the detent pin to hold the bolt open?
Also, on this one, when the magazine is opened and closed, the pin cover under the magazine hatch rotates thereby exposing the pin. I feel this shouldn't happen, advise please?
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