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I'm 68 now and have been a gun owner for 58 of those years. I'm also an Infantry combat vet.

1. I will have NO ONE tell me that I cannot sell my private property without involving a third party ... license holder.

2. I don't need ANY firearms course. I know I'm smarter than an area Chief of Police (now a State Liason for Gun Safety Deptartment head or some such BS) who shot himself in the hand while cleaning his personal weapon at home.

3. If a gun show promoter wants to ban non-dealer sales, FINE ... it's his venue!

4. If the government wants to ban non-dealer sales, NO.

5. We have enough GUN laws already. We need a means of identifying and then denying firearms to mentally unstable individuals. What we have works fairly well; let's see if we can improve the data base.

That comment about some people wanting to buy below the radar and those people being the ones who should probably be watched was a snotty swipe at best. I have bought from dealers and non-dealers. I personally don't care about "paper". But I know some upstanding folks who do and that's their priviledge.

That's my 2 cents. I know I'm a hard case on gun rights and I'm not by nature inclined to compromise just to appear to be reasonable. If compromise is so important, I demand that the gun grabbers do the compromising ... otherwise, leave the table and don't come back until you have something to offer ME!
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