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M1 Garand weird accuracy

I have posted a similar article before but now I have additional questions and maybe a solution. I have an M1 Garand that was rebarreled with Kreiger by Clint Fowler. The guns's accuracy is to put first bullet at 7 o'clock position followed by the next seven at 2 o'clock. 7 bullets are moa but with first added into formula=3-4 moa. Always this pattern. After thoroughly cleaning yesterday, I noticed some heavy gouges inside chamber. I presume tooling marks... My concerns is that maybe Fowler heated up the barrel too much when reaming chamber and put too much stress back into barrel. The first shot from cool barrel is almost in same hole, if repeating a cycle. Others have responded that my situation or shot pattern with M1 is not totally unique. Kreiger is supposed to stress relief all of their preimum barrels. Perhaps they missed this one? Or, Fowler reamed the barrel too hot. Any opinions?
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