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Occasionally an 1892 and the like will have a cut down barrel which severely decreases the value. Antique (before 1899 production) 1892s are also generally worth more. Occasionally such a gun will be re-chambered to 44wcf because it was a popular caliber at the time. Model 1892s were also in 32wcf, 38wcf and 25-20. A 38-40 could use AFAIK all of the same parts except barrel. Original chambering would need verified before any serious value estimate can be given.

In short, much more info is needed. Considering the info given, a value estimate is premature and ambiguous.
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Another rechambering that is possible is changing the .44WCF to a .44Rem. Mag
And, your rifle started out as a black powder cartridge and back then corrosive primers were used so how does your bore look?
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