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Not sure about your barrel length, but 2700 in a 24 inch barrel on .308 win is pretty easy to get. Older reloading manuals showed loads almost 100 faster than that

Not to sure about this one. Whats posted and what you get are two different stories. Pushing a 175 at 2700 is not easy. If you look i can almost tell you that you will have Extractor marks for sure. How do i know this. I was going for 1 mile with mine and did a lot of work up to get to that. Did not pan out as well as i thought. Best i could get safe out of my Savage FVSS 24 inch barrel was around 2680. Finally just dropped back to the 155 Palma Hybrids. I use 175's out to 600 yards after that i go with the 155's
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