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A word of advice, you'll find that many bow hunters are very opinionated about their equipment, to put it mildly lol.

I've used Rage 2-blade broadheads on a few deer with very good results, and am now (eagerly) waiting to try out some Slick Trick Magnums. Really the biggest thing about broadheads for me is how well they fly compared to practice tips. The truth is that there are a LOT of perfectly functional broadheads out there, so there are a lot of choices that you can try. Make sure they're accurate, make sure they're sharp, and make sure you can put them where they need to go.

I've tried all three methods you asked about, but only had success with the bow out of a tree stand. Getting up high makes it less likely that the deer will see you draw the bow. The ground blind sort of accomplishes this as well, but I just don't spend much time inside of one. Personal preference.

Lastly, I only use 2 pins on my bows. One set up for close range shots, which basically means point blank out to about 35 yards or so; and one set up for long range shots, which for me is anything outside of 35 yards. I've never needed my long range pin while hunting, I'm patient enough to wait for the closer range shots. Many people prefer the multiple pin set-up, I just find it a little cluttered personally.

What ever you choose to do, make sure you practice, practice, and practice some more. Good luck and have fun
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