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Dad brought home a few from the pacific. His garand (his claim) an ariska (mum intact) and a set of swords taken in battle by him. Korea turned up a carbine. He never revealed how he got them home. All of which came into my possesion after his death. The Swords were not military issue and shortly after he passed, I returned them to the Japanese consulate to be returned to the proper family by custom. Dads rifles are kept in a glass case along with his medals in my gun room. I have no reason to doubt his word.

Hmm, are you sure about the sword claim? Almost all, that being 99.999% of the "Samurai" swords brought back from battle, were production blades made in factories prior to, or during the war, and would not have been signed by the maker. Heirloom quality blades did make their way back to the US in some limited quantities, however those blades were either bartered or forfeited during the postwar occupation of the japanese homeland. This is how they come attached with a family pedigree, as well as the makers mark on the tang of the blade (known as Nakago, in japanese).
Not here to disturb your fathers credibility, but the battle pick up story does not wash. The Garand and carbine story have some issues also, As I have researched this issue deeper, it turns out that the take home your rifle issue has been pretty much put to rest. If he did keep his garand, he would have had to jump some hoops to steal it. nuff said.
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