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- I could support banning toy guns as they create the illusion that guns can be pointed at people and the trigger pulled without hurting anyone. . . .This one is crazy talk, but I am open minded.
No, these "toy" guns (like airsoft and paintball) are used by millions of people nationwide for legitimate sport and banning it for everyone because of a few nutjobs makes about as much sense as banning all real guns because of a few nutjobs. I didn't use my airsoft guns for any wrongdoing so why should I be punished?

- I could support a requirement that a government ID be shown when selling video games which use guns to inflict violence on humans. Maybe even a requirement to show a psyc evaluation to the video game retailer. . . .again, crazy talk.
So I guess we can take attention away from infringing on the 2nd Amendment by just infringing on the 1st instead? Great plan.

What happened to the whole "don't blame inanimate objects for crime" thing we keep talking about here? I guess it only applies when convenient.
Not sure if this post was supposed to be serious or sarcasm.
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