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Gun Regulations We Can All Support

I have been struggling with this for some time, but now I see we really need to find common ground:

- I could support elimination of armed security from all politicians except the Governer of a state and the top 5 in the presidential chain. This is because these people should share my exact desires in terms of governing me and have nothing to fear of the record number of US gun owners. The law of the land ought to be protection enough the way it is for regular folks. . .you know, "by the people, for the people."

- I could support reduced security for the Top 5 in the presidential chain and Governers. Same line of thinking as above. They still need some security due to their "target" status with some foreign governments.

- I could support the elimination of all current gun laws. . ."shall not be infringed."

- I could support banning toy guns as they create the illusion that guns can be pointed at people and the trigger pulled without hurting anyone. . . .This one is crazy talk, but I am open minded.

- I could support a requirement that a government ID be shown when selling video games which use guns to inflict violence on humans. Maybe even a requirement to show a psyc evaluation to the video game retailer. . . .again, crazy talk.

- I could support adding a serial number to bath tubs as they are known to be silent killers and are left loaded, but unsupervised in most homes. They are a silent killer.

- I could possibly support a mass killer registry where anyone convicted of planning or caught executing a mass(>3) killing be on some kind of do not sell to list.

- I could support the elimination of all excise taxes on guns and ammo. . ."shall not be infringed."

- I could support a task force of NRA members, school teachers, weapons experts which would study the issue of children not knowing how guns work, what to do with guns found and how to shoot straight. Of course they would be tasked with issuing a report to congress on how to legislate these key foundations of education into our schools. These three issues are a much bigger epidemic in our children's education than the drug problem.

- Last, I could support elimination of weapons free zones . . .the supreme court must rule that any attempt to make a weapons free zone is an infringement and a return to the problems we had under British rule.
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