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also, while I am trying to keep this civil and on topic I must point out that it is in incredibly poor taste to enter a forum where every member is, naturally, a hunter and label anyone that partakes in such activities, a barbarian.

you may as well walk up to the Queen of England and tell her that she is a tyrant since a monarchy is essentially, a government devoid of public interaction.

Thanks for posting the 2007 status of : atrox. I did notice the use of the word probably They don't know for sure and thats a 5 year old study. Lets hope they are right and there are still enough for people to go out on a days killing spree that is the end result for most if not all of these snakes caught.
you do realize that the rattle snake roundup has been an annual event for decades, and has actually been decreasing in popularity and size in recent years? if there was going to be a major population decrease in 5 years then the roundup would have been shut down long before the 2007 study.

you are crying about 1,000(roughly) animals being killed at an annual event. how many cattle are slaughtered on a yearly basis in peru alone? I am willing to wager much higher numbers. 1,000 in is a fraction of the natural occurring mortality rate and does little, if anything to hurt the population.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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