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Had some good luck today. A wet cold front is moving in and I thought it would be a good time to get my climber stand out of the woods, so I went there at about 2:15 and figured I'd sit for the afternoon. I hadn't been in the tree more than 30 minutes when I heard something coming, and out walks this doe. Stood perfectly broadside at about 40 yards or so, and BLAM goes the 535. Perfect bang-flop. No jumping, no kicking, no flailing on the ground.......bang, flop, death wheeze.

I love those Winchester Platinum-Tip slugs, and they're the most accurate slugs I've tried in my 535. On the far side of where the deer was standing, there was about a 10-12 foot long splash of blood and hair from the slug making its' exit. Every deer I've shot with them have bang-flopped. This one fills up the last little bit of room I had in the freezer, so I'm done for this season. Been a good one, time to kick back with a cold one and wait for the end of the world, or whatever is supposed to happen.

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