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The Whole of man kind were at one time hunter gathers thats a long time ago and in my mind in todays society no longer vaild unless you come from a third world country like here in Peru or are really poor and have no other means to servive.
You do understand that eating meat from the store is a direct result of animals being butchered, do you not? Are you suggesting that having a butcher kill a beef is acceptable, but hunting a deer for meat is barbaric? We still have to eat, we haven't evolved past ingesting food for sustinence.

Then with the continuing improchment of people into the wilderness to live their are no suitable places for these animals, like deer, to go.
Where do you sugest we live then?

With the rattlesnake numbers how many were caught and killed? Even with the amont of 4000lbs that over 1000 snakes Do you think you can take this amount and there will be no effect on local populations?[
The snakes breed, thus creating more snakes. It has been suggested you show evidence of population decline from snake roundups. As a biologist, surely you understand the concepts of reproduction and constancy and the ability of a population to survive/thrive despite predation. It's been a few years since my genetics and evolution classes, but I remember the take home messages.

Plain and simple, a population can sustain and even grow despite predation. The degree of the predation obviously is key, along with other sustainability factors. If you are a biologist, you understand this. The statement I bolded makes me think you may need to brush up on your material.

It looks to me that you are letting the emotion of a critter dying mold your opinins, and not looking at the issue(s) factually. It is a fact that dying is a very big part of ecosystems. Individuals in populations die eventually. There's no getting around it. This is a common thing in the world today, to pretend death is not inevitable or necessary, and I'm not sure I want to get into that. But...

The bottom line is that so far nobody has come forward with proof that rattler roundups, or deer hunting (and whatever else has been brought up) are destroying any populations. I know you are an Englishman in Peru. We have on this board, Texans from Texas. Maybe it would be appropriate to ask them; "hey Texans... how's the rattlesnake population doing in Texas?"

I can only speak for Arizona as I don't frequent the state of Texas. The diamondback population in Arizona is THRIVING
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