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the belief that knowledge of how to hunt and actual practice of such is no longer valid in human society is flawed. case in point, during the great depression, a time of serious financial decline in our nation, many people did not have the money necessary to buy enough food to feed their families.

the united states was far from a 3rd world country in the 1930s yet many had to rely on hunting to keep food on the table. the term history repeats itself is not a fallacy and definitely has not been rendered invalid as of yet. no government is permanent and when any major government falls, usually the economy, and certain social dynamics also decline. this was witnessed in the southern united states after the American civil war when the people had replaced northern money for the duration of the war and then nobody would accept confederate money after the war, literally rendering the entire southern populace penniless, how did those people eat? gardens, gathering, and hunting. the same will happen when the dollar is no longer the accepted currency of the Americas and the same will be true of the Pound, Peso, Euro, Yuan and Yen. hunting is a necessary skillset that should be passed on to our children.

as already stated man has not always taken the time to consider his actions in the long term in relation to his environment. this led to the extinctions species such as the northern rockies Gray wolf, northern american Jaguars, and others however this is not simply an American problem. several other species such as Auks and Dodo Birds were hunted to extinction by English Sailors if I recall correctly. this is why hunting is such a heavily regulated activity in most states, you must take a hunters education course teaching firearms safety, hunting ethics, and environmental conservation before you will be allowed to purchase a hunting license. then you must buy a specific tag for a specific area, for a specific species that are rationed out based on what the populations can handle. in areas with over population extra tags and even waiving of tags can be placed in effect to bring populations down to healthy levels.

you are very right, certain predators were hunted to extinction by narrow minded americans long ago but it would be irresponsible of us to leave these populations unchecked now that they are missing necessary predatory species to control the populations naturally.

finally I challenge you to follow your own argument, if you see a dangerous animal, such as a poisonous snake, or large predator such as a wolf, or cat in your back yard...please feel free to leave him to his business. I'm sure your family will understand when you, your wife or your child is killed, I mean you were asking for it by being in that animals natural habitat.

that kind of logic does not fly with me.
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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