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The Whole of man kind were at one time hunter gathers thats a long time ago and in my mind in todays society no longer vaild unless you come from a third world country like here in Peru or are really poor and have no other means to servive. Why are some animals a problem with their numbers I would suggest its man made. First most if not all of the predators were killed off as in the case of the jaguar which was found in Texas. Then with the continuing improchment of people into the wilderness to live their are no suitable places for these animals, like deer, to go. You maybe right when you say there were more in the 1600s but then they had most of the U.S to live in The attitude of I want to live in these places, but I don't want any animals that I feel could harm me be around me. Ok then don't live in such places
People mention the UK and the tradition of hunting may I point out its now illegal to hunt foxes for sport and it showed that hunting did really nothing in controlling foxes as hunters clamed.And people who live in fox county have to put up with foxes taking one or two chickens. There is also the relization that foxes have been forced into some towns that were before open country because there is no longer any game for them to eat also its easier for them to find food. All man made.

With the rattlesnake numbers how many were caught and killed? Even with the amont of 4000lbs that over 1000 snakes Do you think you can take this amount and there will be no effect on local populations? Come on you are fooling yourself. As for venom extraction you don't have to kill the animale to get it. No its basically for a show and a fun day out also to show how dangerous these animals are and how brave the people are who catch and handle them are.The by product is that some charities recive some donations, not a reson for wholesale slaughter.
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Thanks for posting the 2007 status of : atrox. I did notice the use of the word probably They don't know for sure and thats a 5 year old study. Lets hope they are right and there are still enough for people to go out on a days killing spree that is the end result for most if not all of these snakes caught.
As for exporting of alligators I find it ironic that you can get papers to go out to kill them in their 100s but no paperwork to be able to export 2 live baby ones. Only in America.
An Englishman in peru
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