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Take a look at some Rugers. Your price range is going to knock out just about anything i would suggest. Although I do carry a PT709 in the summer. Mine has been a rock solid carry gun but I never tell people, go out and buy one.
As far as I'm concerned, Keltecs are garbage. I've shot some and can't stand any of them. I know lots of guys like them which is fine.
I've shot the PT111 and found it satisfactory. I just never reccomend Taurus guns even though I like some of them and own one. Especially as a new handgun owner.
For a first gun in your range, check out a Ruger. Even if you have a problem with it, they are very good with customer service from what I've read.

I have no idea where you find police trades other then just scanning the internet. I own 3 police trades that I found on the internet. Mine are all 3rd generation S&W's. Utterly fantastic guns, but very heavy to carry. I carry my S&W 4006 all the time in cooler weather.
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