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David, the line about infringe was intended as a little levity, not to be taken too serously. In all seriousness though, the laws so far enacted have, to some degree, limited the ability of the armed populace to defend itself in certain of the scenarios envisioned by the framers. To infringe means to violate, encroach upon. I think for certain some of the rights of law-abiding citizens have been encroached upon and limited. NFA items are the primary ones so far. Do those laws limit my ability to respond with some sense of equality to certain situations that could arise? Hypothetically, yes. Would an AWB limit my ability to respond? In no uncertain terms, yes. An AWB would not only limit my ability to respond, but would infringe upon the ability of generations yet to come to fulfill their duty as citizens. I certainly wouldn't think too much of facing a gang of AK wielding BG's with a bolt action rifle, but I would if I have to.
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