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Speaking for myself, I can say that most definitely the "shoot what ever I see" mentality is far from the truth. Again that's for me, I've known many people who really do shoot what ever wanders out in front of them, regardless of anything else. That type of mentality sickens me. If I'm going to shoot, there's a reason. I'm either going to eat it, or I'm killing it to keep it away from our animals (coyotes are the big one here). Of the three freezers in the house, two of them have nothing in them but stuff from the garden and venison.

As for the snake issue, most of the snakes I come across are either water moccasins, copperheads, or common black snakes and king snakes. Unless they are near the animals I tend to leave them alone. My experience with snakes is that unless you mess with them they generally don't need to be worried about. That's just my experience, in my specific area.

As for the specific t.v. programs being referenced (and others similar in nature), to me they're equal parts goofy and demeaning.
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