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"With the possible exception, with a species that I know about, is the alligator which are now almost a million or more. However you try and export a live one, even from a farm, and see how far you get with getting an export permit from the U.S Fish and Game."

You're talking about a federal government bureaucracy and their rules and regulations. "Red tape" at its finest. The difficulty is not caused by anything having to do with the numbers of alligators. It's bureaucracy in action.

You are quite welcome to entertain any opinion which pleases your psyche. But do not try to impose those opinions onto us unless you have reasonably current factual numbers to support them.

In the for-what-it's-worth (FWiW) department, the odds are very high that we who post in this forum have more background in outdoor activities than any member of such groups as PETA or HSUS. I've been an outdoorsman since 1941, with exposure to farming, ranching, hunting and fishing as well as with wildlife biologists at a professional level of interaction and learning.

The younger set here at this forum doesn't do so badly, either. Visit and learn.
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