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it is not an obsession with killing anything that moves. it is a tradition, a tradition which originated with our English forefathers. up until fairly recently hunting of pheasants, foxes, squirrels, hairs and other small animals was a favorite past time of wealthy English land owners and when the American land grabs began even the poorest settlers could have as much land as even the wealthiest land barons in England and could enjoy the same pass times that were usually reserved for only the wealthy and powerful. that is why today, it is still considered to be a badge of honor to kill a squirrel or other small animal with a single well placed shot. most of these animals are in such plentiful numbers that there is almost no chance of overhunting and at the slightest sign of such there is usually a bag limit set in motion to help regulate the numbers and help them come back to their old populations.

then there is the tradition of hunting your own food. every american settler had to hunt their own food all the way up and into the 20th century, it wasn't until the invention of the super market where beef, pork and poultry became easier to acquire and more readily available than wild game animals such as elk, deer, pronghorn, bear, pheasant, and turkey. I hunt because I grew up poor and much of our meat came from the wild, I prefer Venison to beef in flavor and texture and I hunt large game with the sole intention of eating them.

likewise I still hone my marksmanship skills by hunting squirrels, mice, starlings, and rabbits.

and I continue to hunt dangerous animals like wolves, cougars, and coyotes because when their numbers are too great they harm the edible animal populations. I do not go on rattlesnake hunts but you can bet your ass if I ever see one near livestock, pets, homes or children it is not going to be alive for long. this is not a mentality with killing anything that moves, it is about enjoying nature to it's fullest and as man is a hunter/gatherer I think it would be like leaving a part of our heritage behind if I didn't hunt and gather mushrooms and berries.

also, this whole post seems to have been geared toward inciting anger with all of us "country bumpkins and hillbillies" that shoot at everything in sight. if that is truly the impression you have developed then perhaps you need to take a closer look at what you've been reading and try to read between the lines.
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