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Members First of all a thankyou for allowing me to rase my concerns on your forum. When people say many species are making a come back, what do you mean? to numbers before large scale hunting or 5 more then last year? With the possible exception, with a species that I know about, is the alligator which are now almost a million or more. However you try and export a live one, even from a farm, and see how far you get with getting an export permit from the U.S Fish and Game.
There was a 2 volume book about rattlesnakes by Laurence Monroe Klauber written in the early 60s and even then he showed the number of snakes caught for snake fairs etc had dropped from one year to another. Then their were in high 100s in some years. How many are caught and killed now. And why do people think its still necessary to continue this barbaric custom?
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