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if you were shoot low and the gun had no adjustment for elevation what do you do?
File down the front sight.

If you were to sell it - do you adjust it back?

im at a loss how anyone could see a sight differently - they still line up the sights the same way what would be different on a different shooter - front sight rear sight or your eye? The target is in the same place right?
I don't know the answer to that, but I do know it was so. When I was in the Army, each M1 was sighted in to each individual's eyesight. As to why, I don't know. And, yes, the target was in the same place.

if you bench your handgun and the top of the sights are level and equal daylight between the sights and you point of aim centered on the top of the front site post it will hit where your aiming.
I never bench my revolvers to sight in as there is a big difference in the point of impact when benchresting and my two-hand hold. Further, bullet weight plays an important part in actual point of impact.

so what are you doing to consistently miss?
I fail to understand that question.

as far as cataract surgery - as long as you have a clear focus on you front site i dont see why that would change anything
All I know is that it did.

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