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I would say "caliber ignorant" not snobs (the snobs may be a sub set of the ignorant"

I know a guy who likes 40 caliber and does not thing 9mm is up to snuff (with some reason due to a fellow LEO failing in a shootout with a 9mm though the circumstances were not described, bad shooting or no good SD ammo?).

My brother knew a guy who took 4 hits from a 44 magnum in a shootout (he had a high capacity 45 and won, though it took 8 hits to do so). He is firmly convinced its quantity not caliber or power (I am more than convinced if you shoot well that's what counts with modern ammunition)

As a former big bore advocate I can see the adjustment. People still like their V8s though a V6 and in some cases a I4 matches power and speed and is vastly superior fuel mileage wise.

When there are so many people who defend their larger calibers on the basis of superiority not choice its a hard mindset to overcome.
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