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So for those interested...

Used loctite epoxy putty to fill in the forearm and it stiffened it up nicely and added a nice bit of weight. Also used the putty to fill in the trigger guard area then epoxied it in place (had to grind some of the putty out to allow proper fitting of the trigger)

All that's left is filling in that hollow butt stock after I finish digging all the foam out. I've had to dig it out little by little. Pry a hardened chunk out, let the still wet foam underneath cure, pry that out etc. Almost got it all out.

I had used loctite instant epoxy to fill in some of the smaller holes in the stock and that worked great hardened nicely didn't shrink. Does anyone know of something liek that I can buy in a bigger quantity than the little tube they sell at walmart? I think it'd work great but can't imagine how many of those little thigns I'd need to fill in even half of the buttstock.
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