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If people think that removing 100s or more rattlesnakes a season has no effect on numbers and size.
It's not a matter of what people "think". The roundups are localized, periodic events, and there is no evidence to show that they affect numbers and size.
I suggest that may be a cause for concern in the future.
If it's not affecting the numbers (i.e. if the take from each roundup is similar in quantity/quality to previous roundups), why would it be any cause for concern at all? Do you have any data at all to support your concern? If you do, then it would be interesting and informative to everyone if you would provide it.
Just look at alligators almost made extint with the attitude of there's millions of them. It didn't take long for that to change.
Well, it has changed now, and alligator numbers, as mentioned, are on the rise. Again, if the numbers show that hunting alligators is not reducing their numbers and that the management approach currently in use is actually increasing population size, where is the cause for concern?
As a biologist that specilizes in reptiles...
It doesn't really matter that you are a herpetologist. If the data does not support your assessment of this situation, then it has no more weight than anyone else's.
It's this bravdo that these TV programes seem to promote that sickens me.
How you FEEL is one thing. Whether or not that feeling actually has any bearing on the reality of the situation is another thing entirely.

If you have some data applicable to the species and areas that you are apparently concerned about that supports your view, then post it in your next visit to TFL.

If you do not have any data, then you may consider your opinions and feelings duly noted and this thread will be terminated.
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