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I have read many of the posts in the forum pertaining to first time handgun purchases. I have also read many of those threads pertaining to home defense weapons. But my situation is slightly different from most, I am retired and need a handgun strictly for home defense. No target shooting, no competitive shooting and no conceal carry. I am also retired U.S. Navy, can somebody help me with a suggestion.
Nope, you do not supply any real information.

Did you shoot the 1911 or the Barreta in Service?

Did you like it? Feel good or awkward. How much adjustment are you willing to make? A revolver is simpler than a semi auto but you have to practice with either one.

Ownership does not occur in a vacuum, it its going to do you any good, you have to target practice with it. Ergo, for HD a range gun is an excellent option as concealability is not an issue.

While I will not offer a gun choice, I do recommend you find a range that offers a choice of various revolvers and semi autos and find out what works for you and then if you do not get a recommendation come back with what seemed to suit you.
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