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What happens the first time a teacher is breaking up a fight and loses their carry piece?
Any responsible person carrying a handgun needs to take reasonable precautions to insure that their handgun stays where it needs to stay until they need to draw it. In my case, a good quality IWB holster, designed specifically to fit my gun is perfectly adequate. If I were in a situation where I thought I might have to break up a fight or otherwise get involved in vigorous activity, a retention holster might be a better option.

You do realize that police carry holstered firearms in situations where they might have to wrestle with a suspect? Retention holsters have been around a long time and they work very well.
We were told that even if we get the chance to pick up a gun in a shooting situation not to, because when the police show up they will kill anyone who has a gun.
I recommend that you drop your gun when the police arrive. Again, this is not a new problem, nor is it one that is difficult to solve. In any armed self-defense situation, the police will likely arrive at some point to find an armed defender. The defender is advised to act prudently and to cooperate with the police at that point to avoid any misunderstandings from turning ugly.

It's worth pointing out that if you are still alive and armed when the police arrive after a mass shooting, that is GOOD outcome, and I'm not sure why someone would want to try to spin it to make it sound like it's bad.
...the presence of armed folks may not deter.
I would go so far as to say it's unlikely to deter.

Having armed persons available to react rapidly is one possible way to keep a school shooting from turning into a mass murder. I seriously doubt it will stop school shootings.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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