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Sirs/madams, Thankyou for your comments to my post. As a biologist that specilizes in reptiles I must remind you that the main problem of animals becoming a problem to humans is that in most cases its humans that cause the problem. As stated with alligators eating peoples pets. Why? Isn't because there are more and more people going into the animals habitat to live and not excepting to live side by side. Feeding them also causes problems. But having the attitude of "we're here now" be it alligators or rattlesnakes is no excuse of killing them on sight and saying there's plenty of space elsewhere for them isnt always correct. Also saying its a way of controlling their numbers also really doesn't stand up. Just look at alligators almost made extint with the attitude of there's millions of them. It didn't take long for that to change. The TV shows on reptile hunters being brave people are laughable. No its just away to make money at the expensive of animals. There's one thing the need for killing animals for the "pot" another in large scale killing for money and sport/fun.
By the way England banned fox hunting years ago because it is crule and had no effect no real on fox numbers and more important no place in a civilized world.
An Englishman in Peru

P.S If people think that removing 100s or more rattlesnakes a season has no effect on numbers and size. Then who is the troll? Im not attacking responsable hunters a few animals a year, although if you multyply the few animals per hunter a year, then I suggest that may be a cause for concern in the future. It's this bravdo that these TV programes seem to promote that sickens me. Even when there is a quota its the attitude of "we must use the quota" at all costs that you see animals of all sizes being taken it doesn't seem to matter.
An Englishman in Peru
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