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If possible, I holster before they arrive. I've been in non-shoot situations where it didn't get full blown and still had gun in hand. I rasie my hands with the pistol palmed, visible and turned so it's in full view. Just follow commands and all is well. ( unless you are breaking the law, of course.)

My son who is a SPD calls it the 'Non-agressive mode' and the 'meeting' is genial, so to speak.
Holstered with hand on gun is considered aggressive and PD will draw if they haven't already. Same thing is the chin is pushed out, shoulders forward and hands aren't in the air. LEO's aren't stupid and deal with all kinds of people every day and there are 'tells' they recognize.

I've never been in a position where I was actively shooting, but I've had my weapon drawn and acted as I mentioned above.
I've also been at a scene where LEO's and I were all there at te same time and I've drawn my pistol and acted rear guard or flank position with no issues. Well, once it didn't go well when a supervisor showed up and read the riot act when it was 10-4.
I hope my own experiences proved helpful. I'm LEO's here could offer much more.
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