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Save some money. Let'em keep the White Mtn Carbine for another customer. Go after that Renegade with a vengeance in mind like "I GOTT'A HAVE IT!!" I believe you'll enjoy the 54 more. Hopefully that extra barrel is a Round Ball or a Quick Twist for conicals. If you do purchase the Renegade. My advise before leaving that shop Sir. >Swap the two barrel out to make sure the 50 Cal fits in the Renegades stock properly. A Renegade's barrel channel for a 54 cal. is usually 1" measured across its octagonal barrel flats. Where as that 50 cal may or not measure out to 1" and could very well be 15/16ths measured across its octagonal flats. 1/16th of and inch may not seem like allot. But in a stocks wooden barrel channel you want a near perfect fit without any extra tolerance. As far as pricing. Hey, with Gun Shops. "Its what ever the market will bare." Its up to you to make your best deal and be happy with that reduced price you bargained too when walking out that door with that fine look'in weapon under your arm._
Good luck and let us here know how you made out on this deal please. I'm kind of anxious to know.

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