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Firearm transfer question

Hi all, I have a Colt Python listed on gunbroker,at this time. I live in North Carolina. I gent in Virginia wants to trade his Colt Diamondback for my gun. I`ve wanted a Diamondback for a while I`m fortunate enough to have two Pythons. So the trade sounds fine to me.His gun is not listed on Gunbroker . I just thought we`d ship our guns to our respective FFLs . Of course we`d have to trust each other . Why not set up a buy it now auction . He would list his gun,Mine is already listed I`d "buy" his & he`d "buy" mine Let gunbroker make their fees .We`d have the protection of Gunbroker. Of course this would incur extra money for shipment via next day air. He`d like to take a ride to N.C ,that sounds ok to me ,but why would we need FFLs if he came here ? Two full adults trading . items. Any help or suggestions? Thanks, charlie
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