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AndyWest--to your point about reloading being an impractical consideration for a HD gun, I disagree. I do not anticipate that a HD situation will entail a prolonged firefight requiring reloading. However, there are certain types of jams resulting from a whole host of potential factors that may require the magazine to be removed to clear. Hopefully, if the weapon jams the user does not just hit the mag release and then begin a search for it on the floor in the dark. Proper training would entail knowing how to remove the mag, clear the jam and reload all in one smooth movement.....especially if there is limited light. Most people can't do this.

The point made another member about a lock box is ABSOLUTELY on target. Looking into my crystal ball, I would anticipate some laws concerning safe keeping of firearms. The tragedy in CT was not the result of the current system failing to keep a gun out of the hand of a nut. The nut got guns due to failure by a lawful owner to secure her weapons from the nut.

Obama keeps repeating "most gun owners would agree that assault weapons of war should not be in the hands of criminal". I think what most would agree with, is that NO weapons should be in the hands of criminals. I also think that most would agree that gun ownership has responsibilities to keep it secure so it does not get stolen by criminals and those who should not have it.

However, now I am getting off the topic, but I think you get my point.
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