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I hve a rifle that is ho-hum for accuracy considering the top end barrel I used.I am suspecting the closed bottom A-2 flash hider.I did bore it out to about .430 or so.

I need to remove it and try some no-pickle groups.Also,too much torque is not so good,and I have been told the thick spring washers are too much.

The wall thickness of the barrel,is,what .44minor dia on the muzzle threads,minus .224,is about .215 divided by 2=.108 approx.

Too much torque will cause some stretch/distortion at the muzzle.

Too much end gap,muzzle to flash suppressor is not good.

Carbon buildup is not good.

I'm suspecting that closed bottom may cause some odd gas action,confusing the 75 gr Hornady match bullets,we'll see.
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