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Originally Posted by GEM
1. Better funding and implementation of mental health records for NICS. Cho would have been caught if Virginia courts and the state were on their game.

2. Mandatory NICS for private sales at shows. That will move private sales away from these commercial venues.
I'm as pro-RKBA as one can get and I would gladly support the above suggestions. The gun shows are filled with FFL's who can run an NICS check.

I know, I know, it costs more, its inconvenient. I know, I know we're contentious about who we sell to, we want to be free, etc. Well, I'd rather pay a little more, than see a firearm easily get in the hands of a felon, or someone who has been adjudicated mentally ill. Can they still steal, or buy one? Yes, but the harder it is the better.

The NRA, the GOA, the JPFO and all the rest, can make the case for assault rifles and high cap magazines, but they can't make the case for not making it harder for felons and the mentally ill to acquire them.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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