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If you want to see how your action is bedded in the stock, you can coat it with (cheap) lipstick and place it in the stock, being careful to not have it rub on anything until it's seated and tightened down. Be particularly careful to put lipstick on the bottom and rear of the recoil shield and areas around the screw holes. Tighten the action down normally.

When the action is removed from the stock, check the areas where the lipstick was transferred to the bedding. You'll probably be surprised at how few places the action actually rests on the bedding block. If it's not more than, say 20% of the area, you may want to do an epoxy bedding shim coat on the bedding block. The areas around the stock screws are the most important. If there's uneven, or little contact there, it's a problem.

The recoil shield area is also very important. Be sure the shield not contacting the bottom of the slot, but bears fully at the rear.
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