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The mental illness issue has gone way overboard in the wrong direction, and I will give a glaring example.

I am a sub teacher. Why working at a middle school I had a student with mental problems hold a scissors to the throat of an other student. This pair of scissors was not the child safe variety, it was the sharp two knives riveted together kind. I managed to quell the situation, and the student let go of the scissors. Well, he was back to school in three weeks. Come to find out if this was a regular non special ed student he would have been expelled, but different standards applied to this student since he was special ed. He was considered "at risk". I asked; what about the students around him, aren't they the ones at risk? This should have been aggravated assault with intent to commit great bodily harm at minimum, but there was no police report made, no nothing. This is the kind of mentally ill minor that is "at risk" of committing a mass shooting, and this is how it was handled.
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