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Thanx Chowder; I like 'em both, and thanx too for your kind words....I've hunted deer since the early 60's with just about any rifle type you can imagine...everything from a 1918 vintage Springfield '03, as well as Savage, Winchester and Marlin lever guns, to a pristine scoped Sako .308 Forester...and in my hands, those lever guns carry the best.

I'd opine that east of the Mississippi, (and west of it too, if we're really honest), 90% of the deer killed are done-in at 100 yds or less...exceptions noted. For those types of ranges, a lever gun in one of the classic calibers with open or peep sights does just fine. Accuracy, even now with 66 yo eyes, albeit with my glasses on, is easily less than 3" at 100 yds from a deer stand type position (sitting with your back up against a tree or fence not off a rest). Though for real gilt edge lever gun accuracy (mine does 3 shots into a little over an inch, rested on the porch rail), the Savage 99's are hard to beat. Mine's a .300 Sav., with that elegant, schnable fore end and a vintage Weaver K4 up on top. (See pic below.)

And did it mention, ease of carry?....Nothing fits the carry hand better than a classic lever gun!

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