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ready to make the switch to stainless tumbling media

I have an older RCBS rotary tumbler, that has worked great for me for years ( yep... I'm getting good at scraping out the packed media out of the primer pockets, them working on oversizing them on my case prep station with primer pocket brushes, to clean out the remaining crud, after the media packed into the priming pockets... & putting up with the dust...

yep... got one of those new fangled Hornady ultra sonic cleaners... spend about an hour cleaning 20 cases

everything I've been reading points to using the pin type stainless tumbler media...

so any suggestions for how much I actually need for my old RCBS tumbler ???

... I'm guessing about 2.5 lbs of media & 1/2 gallon of water per batch ( yep, know ya gotta use the dawn, & a surfactorant to get a nice shine ) per 50 - 100 cases, depending on the size of the case being tumbled...

that seem about right ???

anyone want to tell how the stainless media is working for you, & what you're using for additives ???
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