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Actually it depends on the oil used more than the type of gun. Some oils will evaporate away and leave almost nothing on the metal and some oils (like motor oil) offer very little protection against rust (ever walk through a junkyard and see all of the rusty engine blocks?). WD 40 and most aerosal spray lubes WILL evaporate away and leave a gummy residue over time simply because they have to be thinned down to get them to go through the nozzle. The best oils I have found for rust protection are Breakfree CLP, Breakfree Collector and Eezox. They will protect. Take a small brush and place 3 or 4 drops on the brush and "paint" your gun with it. As soon as the gun starts to look dry again repeat. This method has been protecting my guns for many years of carrying in the summer and sweating all over them.
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